Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moon Again

I tell you, I really must love the Moon or I'm obsessed. Something like that. Anyway, I was out again tonight shooting the Moon. They are probably the best shots I've ever taken of the Moon. They were shot through my Orion telescope with my Nikon D90. The first ones with the entire Moon in the frame are with the 2x barlow. I don't have a 2x barlow of my own yet, so I borrowed one from Bob of Blackholes and Astrostuff. Thank you Bob for that. I think they turned out well. Must have been something in the air. Oh, I know, there were no clouds, so it's what was not in the air tonight! The first four shots look to be the same picture, but they are not. Slightly different settings for each one. Anyway, enjoy.

The following pictures were taken using a 3x barlow. Definitely not quite as clear, but that's partly due to the telescope as well. If the scope was bigger with a longer focal length, the pictures should be really clear. However, even these 3x barlow shots turned out good tonight.


  1. Hey now we're talking, for sure your best shots todate, even with the 3x barlow you got very good focus, fun isn't it and quite addicting, you will never be able to stop, the Moon has you hooked, and once you start getting results like this there is no turning back,lol, you will always be looking for the next best shot and opportunity, great job.

  2. Thanks Bob. I do owe you some of the credit though as well. Anyway, its a blast. It feels good to have some good shots come off the camera. Onwards and upwards so to speak. It can only get better. I'd still like to try shooting a few through yours though just to compare. Talk to you soon. I find myself looking outside all the time looking for the Moon and how I can shoot it.