Sunday, July 19, 2009

Milky Way

I remember when I was a kid looking up at the sky and the Milky Way was easy to spot from where I lived in the city. Nowadays, with all the extra light pollution, it is not that easy to pick out. So, I decided I'd snap some pics from a different city with less light pollution. I travelled to Lethbridge, AB, Canada to snap the photos below. The Milky Way was fairly clear to see and the sky was almost dark, which I miss where I live. The first pic is, I believe, of the International Space Station passing through the photo. It was only visible for a few seconds, then disappeared out of sight. It was still really neat to see. There are a couple of other photos that have a line in them. Those are meteors streaking through the photo.

The two below have Jupiter in them toward the bottom left. It is the bright object.


  1. Hi Colin, some good shots of the Milky Way, looks like you got the ISS in the top one, bonus.

  2. Thanks Bob. You know, looking back on it, I believe that's what it was. Nothing else is that big. It only lasted a couple of seconds too. Most satellites are visible for quite some time. Would have been neat if I had caught it through a telescope. Next time I guess.