Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My First Ever Jupiter Photos

Well, after about a month of waiting for the right conditions, I was finally able to photograph Jupiter last night. It looked spectacular. Unfortunately, the photos don't really reproduce how splendid it looked. Although, it is still really neat looking. I was able to capture four of the Moons as well in some of the shots. The shots were taken through my Dad's Celestron C8 (8" Refractor) telescope. I then mounted a Nikon D90 with t-ring adapter. For the photos where the image is larger, I used a 3x barlow and for the smaller first image, a 2x barlow. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Milky Way

I remember when I was a kid looking up at the sky and the Milky Way was easy to spot from where I lived in the city. Nowadays, with all the extra light pollution, it is not that easy to pick out. So, I decided I'd snap some pics from a different city with less light pollution. I travelled to Lethbridge, AB, Canada to snap the photos below. The Milky Way was fairly clear to see and the sky was almost dark, which I miss where I live. The first pic is, I believe, of the International Space Station passing through the photo. It was only visible for a few seconds, then disappeared out of sight. It was still really neat to see. There are a couple of other photos that have a line in them. Those are meteors streaking through the photo.

The two below have Jupiter in them toward the bottom left. It is the bright object.