Monday, June 29, 2009

More Moon Pictures

The pictures below were all taken on Saturday night. I went out with my Dad and Bob of Blackholes and Astrostuff. They were taken with my Orion telescope, Nikon D90, 2x barlow, t-ring and 1 1/4" adapter. They appear slightly dark and slightly out of focus because there was lots of dew that night as well as cloud cover.

The two pictures below had a jet stream going through the middle and it looked like I broke the Moon.


  1. Getting better all the time, that night you were fighting with the lower atmosphere, you got some great detail considering.

  2. Thanks Bob. I'm still not happy with the focus. I'm not sure if there's it's the difference between your scope and mine, but I cannot get my photos as crisp as yours. I thought maybe the diopter on my camera might be off a bit. Was thinking next time we get together, I should take some photos through your scope and you take some through mine and see how they compare that way.