Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Ever Milky Way Pictures

It seems like I've posted a lot of "firsts" lately. There are good reasons for that. Namely, because I didn't have a telescope before, didn't have the Nikon D90 and all the accessories that go with it, didn't have a Celestron FirstScope, etc. So, this post is about another first for me - photographing the Milky Way. Below are a few of the pics I snapped of the night sky last weekend.

The pictures below are of Jupiter, which is the big bright "star" looking object towards the bottom of the pictures.  It was huge that night.


  1. Hey Colin, they turned out pretty good considering we where in town, great job.

  2. Thanks Bob. Yeah, they turned out alright. Thanks for the tips, etc. I appreciated going out with you and snapping pics. I can't wait for Cypress Hills where it will actually be dark.