Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Pictures With Nikon D90

Well, it's finally arrived. My Nikon D90 that is. I've waited for this for a long time now. I got my D80 last summer, and although it is a good camera, the D90 just does a few things better. And it has live view, which I like. Anyway, below are the first pictures I have taken with it. Naturally, they are of the Moon, probably my favorite thing to photograph. I should also mention that these photos were taken through a 70-300mm lens with a 1.5x converter attached. The bottom look similar, but they are slightly different. Different camera settings and slightly different Moon position.


  1. Great shots Colin, makes a big difference with the live view, you now have a good way to focus more accurately, love the live view.

  2. Thanks Bob. The live view is great. How have I lived without it for so long? It does help with focusing. Anyway, I can't wait to mount the camera on the telescope now that I have the parts and see what happens.