Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day and Night Moon and Clouds

I know it seems like all I post is pictures of the Moon. Well, that is true, but there are reasons for that. The first is that I love taking pictures of the Moon. Absolutely love it. The second reason is because I'm not sure how to use my camera with the telescope yet, so until I do, I'll keep photographing what I can see through my camera. Anyway, below are pictures taking this afternoon and tonight of the Moon and some cloud cover. Not stunning photos, but better than just the Moon by itself. The bottom photo seems out of focus because of the thin layer of cloud creating a haze over the Moon. It was actually in focus though.


  1. Some great shots Colin, you must have got a Moonrise with the bottom ones to create the brown color.

  2. Thanks Bob. Surprisingly, the pictures are originals and have not been altered. That is the way the Moon looked with the clouds/haze over it.