Monday, August 3, 2009

Orange Moon

"I'm an orange Moon
I'm an orange Moon
Reflecting the light of the Sun"
Orange Moon - Erykah Badu

I was driving home last night and the Moon was beautiful. It was orange. Most of the rest of the sky was cloudy, but there was the orange Moon, just floating there. I was able to capture it before it clouded over. The current Moon is referred to as an apogee Moon due to the distance from the Earth it is. The Moons average distance is about 380,000 km. An apogee Moon is at it's furthest point from the Earth. It is about 406,000 km away right now. A perigee Moon can get as close as about 360,000 km. Enjoy.


  1. Some more great shots Colin, the orange Moon, I remember my first orange Moon shot, very cool when you can image the different colors as it comes up through our atmosphere.

  2. Thanks Bob. I'm just glad that I got to catch it before it completely clouded over.

  3. Astro-Nuts thanks for the info. We been having orange moon now for a while, and yesterday was amazing orange crescent. Excellent moon images again. I can never have enough of them. Anna :)

  4. Thanks Anna. An orange crescent Moon would be very cool. I shot one last year, but it was too windy and the tripod wouldn't stay still long enough to get a good photo. Oh well, maybe next time. I like the orange Moon because it's unique and different than the normal one.