Wednesday, February 18, 2009

U OF S Named In NASA's Strategic Plan

When I was reading the NASA 2006-2016 Strategic Plan (I'm still not sure why, because it's 48 pages long), I came across a photo that I found interesting and thought fellow residents from Saskatchewan might like it too. In the Plan, NASA makes mention about a team from the University of Saskatchewan. So, congratulations to the U of S team for this accomplishment. Here is the quote from the Strategic Plan document with the photo below -

"A team demonstrates their concept for a robotic climber that could scale a 200-foot cable powered only by the beam from an industrial searchlight during the 2005 Beam Power Challenge. The challenge was part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges. Although none of the 11 teams won the challenge, the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team had the farthest beam-powered climb, approximately 40 feet."

(Photo: NASA/K. Davidian)

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